Types of Tankless Water Heaters

While we are all about finding the best tankless water heating systems, in this list we also break down the different types of tankless water heaters, to give you even more control over your purchase and find the unit to meet your needs. As we all know, tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners become more conscious of the importance of energy saving. These heaters take up very little space and, if correctly chosen, can provide your family with an endless supply of piping hot water.
We all know that a water heater is a big investment for any home and has an important function, so it is important that we take the time to read reviews to get a good idea of what product we need.
Electric tankless water heaters are some of the most energy efficient on the market, boasting up to an impressive 99% energy efficiency. If your home is already wired for an electric water heater, it makes perfect sense for you to keep the same power source for your tankless unit. Because you already have the electrical supply in place, it will be much cheaper to install an electric unit rather than a gas option, because of the associated venting costs. Your tankless electric water heater will take up very little space and if you choose the right size for your home you will have an endless supply of hot water. Here’s more about how electric tankless water heaters work.

Gas Heaters

Gas tankless water heaters are typically more powerful than the electric equivalent so they are the best choice for large families and for commercial installations. You may also find that gas is your best choice if your house has not been wired for water heating. These products are generally more expensive than electric tankless heaters, especially if you opt for a condensing unit. A condensing unit is more energy efficient than regular tankless gas heaters because it uses the heat from the exhaust fumes to heat water. With condensing units, the installation is cheaper as you can use less expensive materials for venting cooler exhaust fumes.

Commercial  Heaters

Tankless water heaters for commercial applications must have a high BTU and flow rate. Because of that requirement, almost all of those available for commercial use are gas powered, either natural gas or propane. We have reviewed an innovative infrared electric unit that we believe can do the job. Because of the distance between the heater and the outlet, many commercial water heating systems have a re-circulation system, which helps to reduce water wastage and eradicate the cold water “sandwich”. Many can be linked to double or triple the capacity.
For more information read the commercial tankless water heater article.

Small Heaters

If you’re operating on a smaller budget, have an off-grid requirement, or you’re looking for a portable water heater, then look no further. These reviews cover a range of small but powerful water heating systems for every application. The reviewed products include single-outlet units for homeowners who want to give tankless water heating a try. We even reviewed a battery-powered heater. Here’s more on how small tankless water heaters work.

Whole-House Water Heaters

For homeowners who want a single tankless water heater to deliver hot water to the entire house, this is the product for you. The most important consideration in choosing the correct water heater for your home should be the number of outlets that will draw water at once. The flow rate is the most important factor to consider. You should also take account of your location. If you live in a colder area, the water heater that you choose must have enough capacity to heat the water from low groundwater temperatures.
Visit the whole-house water heater article for more information.

Portable and RV Heaters

Portable tankless water heating systems are useful in so many applications, particularly in mid winter when temperatures drop. In this review, we have found some of the best portable heaters that you can use for camping, RVing, or even washing your dog. You could, of course, also use these systems for cleaning jobs in the garage or in the garden shed.

Hybrid Water Systems

This is a relatively new technology that mixes the old tank water heater with a tankless system. This type of water heater is more expensive than a normal tankless water heater but is very effective. A hybrid water heater will have an electrical system and a heat pump that uses the electricity to move heat from one area to another, rather than creating heat. We have a guide to hybrid water heaters so you can learn more about them.

The Last Word

Hopefully, this should cover all the different types of tankless water heating systems available and, hopefully, you can find the right unit for your needs right here.

Next, why not head over to our reviews section where you can find more detailed information about tankless water heater brands and some of the top-ranking products. It should give you an idea of what the most reliable brands are and the best-rated products for you to choose from.

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