Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review

This water heater from Takagi is one of the best on the market. It is lower on the price point, making it easy for those who are on a budget to get a high quality water heater that is going to last a long time. Customers seem to agree that this is one of the best water heaters on the market in terms of finding great customer service and getting the product to last for a long time.

The one major concern with this water heater is that it is not strong enough to keep up with larger homes. This one may do best if used in a small home or an apartment, rather than on a big home and if you’ve had Takagi products in the part, you may fee that this one is lacking. But for how great the water heater works and the fantastic price that can fit on any budget, this is the water heater you have to check out!

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The Good About This Product

An inlet and outlet thermistors that help you get a consistent temperature at all times. Sometimes the temperature can vary greatly from the inside to the outside of your water heater. You may set the water temperature at one point, but by the time it reaches its end location for your use, it is not as warm as you would like, or much warmer perhaps. This can make it really frustrating to use the product. But the Takagi system is set up to avoid these problems and to ensure that you get the best heat for your water in your home.

This product is on the lower side of the price market, making it one of the best choices for most families who want to get a great product while still saving money. Coming up with the money to pay for one of the more expensive models of water heaters can be a challenge when you are on a budget. But this option from Takagi is affordable in most budgets plus it is going to last for a long time after purchase. This is going to make it one of the most cost efficient products you will ever purchase for your home.

The customer service is really friendly when you have a question about this product. There are many products on the market that have horrible customer service. This can turn customers away because they worry about having to deal with a difficult company if something goes wrong with their product. But the Takagi customer service is one of the best in the business so if something does go wrong with your water heater, you can get it all fixed up in no time.

Easy to install this product. The product comes with instructions on how to get everything put into place and if you need any more help, there are a ton of reviews that give step by step instructions, as well as some tips, that can make it a lot easier. This can make the product even more budget friendly since you won’t need to bring someone else in to take care of the installation.

This product will last for a long time. Many customers who purchased this product were impressed by how long they kept this product as well as their other Takagi water heaters. You won’t have to worry about replacing this one every few years as some customers have had theirs for more than ten years with moderate use. This makes the lower price point even more appealing since you won’t have to come up with more money for a new water heater any time soon.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The Bad About This Product

This unit is going to need some venting, which may dictate a bit more where you are able to place this water heater, especially compared to some of the others on the market. There are many options on the market that you can choose from that don’t need any venting so if this is a problem, there are other options. But for this one, you need to make sure there is some room for venting or it won’t work the way that it should.

The power on this unit has some trouble keeping up with larger homes. This is a water heater that is meant for some smaller areas. Larger homes are going to provide too much water for the heater to keep up with. You may find that the water is not as hot as you would like if you have a larger home. Go for a different unit if you go through lots of hot water each day.

Not as nice as some of the other Takagi models. If you have had a Takagi style water heater in the past, especially if you have had one of the larger ones, this one may be a bit disappointing. It is a smaller unit and it is only meant to take on minimal amounts of water at a time. This is the perfect one to bring into a small home or even an apartment. But it is not as nice as some of the other options that you can purchase from Takagi. If you need to take care of the water needs of a large home or you liked some of the other Takagi models in the past, it may be best to pick out one of these instead.

The Final Say

If you are looking for a budget friendly water heater that does a fantastic job with heating up a smaller area, such as an apartment and will last for a long time, this is a great option from Takagi. This one is not going to be able to keep up with some of the bigger models though so if you are looking for a water heater that can work for a large home, you may want to pick another model. But for the price, and how easy this model is to install in most homes, you are getting a fantastic deal.