Tankless water heaters have been around for a while so it’s hardly surprising that there are a number of quality brands now offering innovative and competitively priced products. For on-demand hot water you can’t beat tankless water systems on their energy-saving features.
The choices are vast and the making the wrong purchase for your needs can result in unnecessary expenses. So we’ve done the hard work for you, rounding up all the most important information you need before you buy.
We have conducted product reviews on some of the best tankless water systems currently on the market. We’ve looked at all the technical aspects of the water heaters and their capacities, and discussed the suitability of each unit for domestic or commercial use.
If you don’t know much about tankless water heating systems, you should head to the blog section of the website. There you’ll find fully researched articles covering the uses, types, costs, and advantages/disadvantages of tankless water systems.
Once you have that information, you are ready to choose your new hot water system. We have arranged the reviews into guides and brands.
If you have already decided exactly what type of tankless system you want or if you have a specific use for it (e.g. commercial or RV), our guide will show you the corresponding model. If, on the other hand, you prefer to buy by brand, you’ll find all the recommended brands arranged below.
Perhaps you’re just looking for the best value for money. For the best tankless water systems, take a look at our selection of the fifteen top tankless heating systems. In it you’ll find a hot water tank system for every application.
The manufacturer of the first ever electronic tankless water heater, Noritz has been producing these systems since 1981. The company has established a brand synonymous with quality water systems from over sixty years of manufacturing. Originating from Japan, the Noritz range is vast and covers both domestic and household applications and backs its products with generous warranties. Noritz even managed to secure a place in our 2018 top 15 water heaters list.
The number-one seller of tankless water systems worldwide, this US family business has been in the industry since 2004. The company uses advanced technologies to design and manufacture some of the most energy-efficient water heating systems on the market today. This is a customer-centric organisation based on family values. The EccoTemp product range is extensive and includes, gas, electric, and portable models.
EcoSmart distributes patented self-modulating technological water heaters through partner companies throughout the western hemisphere. Its technology is UL499 certified so it complies to stringent US safety testing. It is also CSA and FIDE certified. The EcoSmart range includes tankless water heaters for both domestic and commercial applications.
Established in Stuttgard in 1886, Bosch is an international giant with more than 300 subsidiaries in over 150 countries. Bosch’s products are not limited to water systems, but its innovative waterless tank technology is impressive. The company offers both gas and electric options, some of which boast non-electric igniters. Bosch claims to offer the best warranty in the industry.
Founded in Japan in 1920, Rinnai is credited as the first company to have introduced the tankless water heating systems to the world. In 1974, Rinnai opened its first American office and Rinnai American Corporation was born. Rinnai has received countless awards for its tankless water heating technology in the US and is the top seller of tankless heaters in the US and Canada. Its vast range includes domestic and commercial products.
Rheem is the largest manufacturer of tankless water heaters in the US and is widely acknowledged as one of the most recognizable brands in the country. Rheem was founded in 1930 by the Rheem brothers. Today it is a subsidiary of Japanese Paloma Industries. This trusted brand is known for excellence in customer service. The Rheem range includes indoor and outdoor gas and electric water heating systems.

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