Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Review

Eccotemp is a great product that you should check out, especially if you’re in the business for a water heater that is portable and able to go on all your adventures with you. This water heater is no exception and should be on your list if you are planning on heading out to the wilderness any time soon.

There is a lot to love about this product, it is only going to take you a few seconds to hook up in the right location and you won’t have to fight with it to move when it is time to go somewhere else. You will like that there are all the attachments available in the packaging, making this one really easy to put together. The water temperature is just perfect for taking a quick shower or washing some dishes. While this unit is not going to be able to keep up with the high demands expected when you are back home, this one does a great job when on the road. And for the price, you won’t find a product that is going to work quite as well as this one.

Here are some of the things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting this outdoor water heater from Ecotemp.

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The Good About This Product

If you are someone who likes to go out camping or on other adventures, then this is a great product for you. This option from Ecotemp is meant to be lightweight and portable so that you can take it out camping and on all of the adventures that you can find. Many people like to go spend some time with nature, but learning how to make a fire to warm up water, especially in the rain, or just going without some basic necessities can sometimes be too much. This water heater is a great addition to your travels since it is small and lightweight and can heat up your water in no time.

This water heater comes with everything that you are going to need in order to make it work well. You are going to enjoy that there is a gas regulator that is meant to keep you safe and a hose that can be used on a grill style tank that is about 20 pounds. The garden hose adapter comes as well. All of these are meant to help you keep the product working for as long as you need without having to go out and purchase other products.

This product is meant to help make things easier for you when you are out adventuring. You will be able to cook food easier, take a shower, clean up, and do a whole host of other activities with ease thanks to this great water heater. You won’t have to worry about the rain being in the way or some other issue with creating a fire. Just hook this water heater up and you are ready to go.

Another great feature that comes with this water heater is that it will turn itself off as a safety feature. This is about a 20 minute automatic safety shutoff timer. It is going to reset itself whenever the water stops before restarting again. This can help you to keep safe from being burned and will also prevent any issues with the water being wasted because you can’t turn it off for some reason.

Installation is also really easy with this unit. The water heater comes with all the instructions that you need and it takes just a few minutes to get it all set up. This can be nice so you can get hot water in no time and know that it is all ready to go without a lot of pain.

With all these features, you may worry that this water heater is not easily going to fit into your budget. Rather, this one is really budget friendly and can help you out on all your adventures. This one comes in at the higher point of portable water heaters, but it is still so much more affordable than you are going to find in some of your other options, especially when it comes to water heaters. If you like to go out in the open a lot and want some help keeping the water warm, this is the best product for you.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The Bad About This Product

One problem that does happen with this unit is that the water temperatures have some issues with staying consistent. These will sometimes come out kind of cold before switching to really scalding hot. This does not make the hot water feel very good and is going to make you feel annoyed that you spent the money.

Another issue is that many people have had trouble with the company. They feel that some of the parts are cheaply made and that you are getting ripped of. Customer service does not seem that willing to help out and some people worry that with Eccotemp, they are going to have trouble because of a recent lawsuit against intentionally creating a bad product and selling it to customers. If you value a quality company that is going to take care of you, many customers warn to go and find another one to work with.

The Final Say

This is a great little water heater if you are one of those people who like to go out camping a lot but you are tired of relying on the weather or on a fire to help you out with all of this. This water heater has all the features you would need to take it on the go with you and get some wonderful hot water. While Eccotemp has had some issues with their hot water heaters in the past and this one can often switch back and forth between scalding and cold water temperatures, most customers love this product. For the price and how convenient this product can be for moving around, this is a great product to check out.